Real Boxing.
On the Blockchain.

CryptoBoxers is a new blockchain-backed Fantasy Sports Video Game.CryptoBoxers aims to be the leading platform uplifting the community of aspiring combat sports athletes and their fans, empowering people of color and minority groups.

About Us

CryptoBoxers aims to be the leading platform uplifting the community of aspiring combat sports athletes and their fans, empowering people of color and minority groups.Using advanced tech, innovative business models, plus a more equitable and engaging experience, we disrupt the status quo and generate untapped market potential.

Fantasy Sports Meets Real Boxing

CryptoBoxers is the first and only boxing game using blockchain technology, with collectible tokens based upon boxing celebrities who have signed on to the game.

Each CryptoBoxers card represents a real professional athlete. Each card's stats are based on that boxer's strengths and weaknesses. Over time, as the real-life boxers win real-life matches, your card's base stats will improve too.

When you play CryptoBoxers you can:

  • Acquire and collect multiple boxers for your gym.
  • Help manage your boxers' careers, setting them up with coaches, gear, and training routines.
  • Pit them against other players' boxers in matches.
  • Improve their skills, level them up, and help them move up the championship ranks!

Information about each card you collect, including its ownership and all its stats and enhancements, is encoded and stored on the blockchain. You own your cards outside the game and can buy, sell, or trade them whenever you want.

When real boxers win matches in real life, their Crypto Boxer card stats improve, and so does your game.
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The Cards

Game Attributes

The boxer's real-life stats and win/loss/draw record set base values for in-game Strength, Speed, Toughness, and Stamina.

Level Up

Every time a boxer fights they gain experience points (XP). The more XP, the faster they level up.

Skill Up

As you level up your boxers they can gain extra skill points that boost all of these attributes over time.

You can also play fun mini-games to boost your boxers' attributes in between matches.


Give each boxer a unique nickname if you want.

In-Game Stats

You can review every match your boxer fights.

Real Stats

We make it easy to keep up-to-date about each athlete. Official win/loss/draw stats and championship statuses are updated daily. We pull updates from, the world's best resource for boxing info and statistics.

Each card links to the boxer's own website, Twitter, and Instagram channels as well, in case you want to follow them closely.

Token ID

Each card is unique, owned by only one player, and stored on the blockchain.

Gear Slots

Outfit your boxers with special gloves, shorts, and footwear to give them that extra edge.

Special Badges

Some boxer cards are stamped with special badges that indicate when they were obtained, or achievements they earned. For example, all cards acquired during the Presale will show a "Presale 1" badge.

Player-Owned, Player-Managed

CryptoBoxers gives you all the fun and replay value of mobile and PC games, with the added benefits of the blockchain.


Players own their CryptoBoxers cards, verifiable on the blockchain, and act as managers for all the boxers on their roster.

Extreme Engagement

When players own collectibles of the athletes they play in-game, it engages and amplifies the player/boxer relationship in ways never seen before.

Buy and Sell

Want to train a boxer from one-star level and sell it later? Or buy a fully-powered Ten Star ready to fight? Go ahead -- it's part of the game!

Acquire Them

Add new CryptoBoxers to your gym's roster lots of ways, including drop-ins (AKA loot drops), card packs, or the reseller's market.

Customize Them

Outfit your boxer with special gear, and skill them up your own way, to create a one-of-a-kind, blockchain-backed collectible.

Manage and Promote

Take the role of career manager, and fight promoter, to build an unbeatable roster of champions.

Meet The Boxers

Dozens of active and veteran professional boxers have already signed up to be part of the CryptoBoxers experience. Here are just a few.

Clarence Adams

Clarence "Bones" Adams

One time champion, and one of the toughest fighters in his weight class. Bones Adams could give a beating to any opponent who entered the ring, and racked up an amazing win percentage.

Yahu Blackwell

Yahu Blackwell

A champion in the making with an impressive amateur and professional record. Yahu uses an orthodox style, with great speed and explosive power.

Boxer 3

Joel Casamayor

Olympic gold medal winner. Won multiple belts as a professional, in more then one weight division. Has all the mechanics of a supreme athlete and champion.

Boxer 4

Rosilete Dos Santos

An experienced pro boxer and multiple champion with keen skills. Rosilete is a 44% knockout punch specialist, with an orthodox boxing style.

Outfit your boxer with special gear, and skill them up your own way, to create a one-of-a-kind, blockchain-backed collectible.

The Team

CryptoBoxers is developed by Me N Mines Media, experts in athlete promotion and representation, in conjunction with PlayStakes LLC, a group of veteran game developers and artists. PlayStakes team members have designed and built dozens of casual games for the web and mobile devices, and we have been coding smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain since 2015. We're dedicated to building a new kind of sports-themed blockchain game that's also addictive and fun to play!

Andrew Gilliam

Concept Creator / Management

Joseph Weiss

VP Communications

Eric A. Frias

Asst. VP Business Development

Suresh Jain

Suresh Jain

Vice President Marketing

Rob Dixon

SR. VP Gaming Development

Kim Gourley

Lead Developer

Bill Lavin

Business Development

Maricela Perdomo

3D Modeler / Artist


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